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The Artist
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Hello, I am Mikki Moore - Owner of Forever Moore Designs.

I have been faux painting and decorative painting for more than 25 years. I really love what I do! Over the years I have added several different mediums to my work. I would enjoy the opportunity to apply my art work to your place of business or residence.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taylor's Bar & Grill

I was recently asked to transform Taylor's in Redlands, and to give it a lot of character
Using my faux techniques to create a "rustic feel" - Taylor's now has lots of character - and looks like it's an old brick building.  Let's take a look at some fun "before's" and "after's"!
 Before of the front entrance
A work in progress - adding all of the hand painted bricks
Front entrance with faux painted front door
The sign - before - but after the wood had begun it's transformation from green to a more natural dark brown wood finish.
The sign on the east side of the building - after the faux technique

I added a topiary by the front door
Complete with faux cigarette butts in the planter 
The owner has to sweep up cigarette butts from the walk way all the time... let them try to sweep this one up!
Another view of the front entrance.  This was while the work was in progress and before I had begun painting the front door.
The brick look was added to the famous smoking room as well!

This is the East Side Entrance
Notice the greenery "growing" under the eves

Another view of the entrance and greenery 
One more look at the finished front entrance - complete with antique green shutters from Maine.
This was a great job - and I loved doing it.  I am so pleased with how we were able to transform Taylor's into a rustic antique looking brick building!  Full of character and fun place to hang out.  Hey, the food is really good too!


  1. Hi my name is Ren, love the art work. Am also involed in the art walk here in Pomona, and I have a blog. all about Pomona and it's history. you can see it at I also put them on YOUTUBE at ren439 or esconuelas those are my two channels. Maybe one these times when your in towne, I can interview you and put it YOUTUBE,well take care, and keep up the good work.

  2. Wow...don't think I ever saw this....I don't often venture that way...but you are always welcome to come to Redlands. Thank You

  3. So many people think that your paint job is actually bricks! Love, love, love your talent! I just wish I owned my own house so I could have you paint mine!


Please feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to contact me about work, please email me at:

Thank you!


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